The No Code Platform Revolution

Kelsa no code platform

Organizations across all industries have been dependent on software solutions to run and manage their businesses for decades now. Whether you are a small or medium business or a large scale corporation, you need a system to keep track of all the processes across your organization to ensure everything is in place. However; the traditional software have high dependency on coding that makes development of any new process or feature a time consuming as well as an expensive deal. And any code-dependent software requires standard set of features and functions pre-decided based on standard user practices and processes across various industries.

Change is Inevitable:

No industry or business sector can escape the changes that arises with time, circumstances, situations or due to a major global event. Such a change demands flexibility and agility that makes it very difficult for any software application to adapt; especially if a business demands the change without much delays. But with dependency on code and development, your systems need time to adopt the changes, test them to ensure everything works fine and then deliver to your business. So needless to say, the turn-around-time (TAT) takes the toll and so does your organization if there is no readiness to handle your business with change.

Kelsa’s No Code Platform

Kelsa has revolutionized the way the software applications work and its no code platform is the best example of flexibility, agility and adaptability that enables and empowers your business to overcome any sudden change in process, policies or laws of the industry. With easy configuration and drag-and-drop capabilities, your new processes and workflows can be ready in no time.

No code platform by Kelsa comes with zero dependency on coding or development that makes it an ideal solution even to those without less or zero coding knowledge. This powerful plug-and-play system allows you to configure your own processes, workflows, stages and rules as per the specific needs of your business(es).

Easy Integration

Kelsa no code platform supports integration with your existing systems such as SMS messaging, WhatsApp, Payment Gateways, Biometric Devices, Tally, etc and even has capability to connect with your existing software to exchange the data and information in real-time. This eliminates the need for replacing or discarding your existing systems and instead, make them work more efficiently with Kelsa than before.

Reduce Cost

Since you do not have to depend on any experts to make any changes or add a new process to Kelsa platform, you do not have to spend huge on consulting, development and deployment costs. With platform’s capability and support from Kelsa’s experiences team of Business Analysts, you can instantly get new processes into the system efficiently anytime.

Experience the no code advantage

Regardless what industry your business belongs to, Kelsa no code platform is the most ideal solution that most industry-leading brands trust today. Contact us today to get your proof of concept done and experience the advantage of a robust application.

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