Task Management

Task Management

Organize your tasks quickly and easily. Track progress and boost productivity with collaborative tools. Use the platform to work on tasks as a team or prioritize your daily work with simple task lists. Plus, automated email alerts keep you and your team focused on what’s important. Put your tasks in order with- Kelsa Task Management

Task Lists

View, manage and; prioritize work in personal and team task lists.

To Do Lists

Add personal to do lists and mark complete in one click.

Calendar Sync

Sync tasks with Google calendars to keep up-to-date everywhere.


Share tasks and assignments with anyone to get work done faster.


Track task and project status with one-click reporting.


See real-time views of task and project performance


Get alerts every time a particular action is performed such as; a change of task status, update to task, new task created, task assignment, etc.


Assign tasks to teams, groups, or individuals, and set the task due date & time to complete.

Time Tracking

Manage time spent on tasks according to


View project and task roadmaps to view work completion rates.


Create discussion Get unlimited file threads on any task

File Storage

Get unlimited storage that updates when you attach files to tasks.

Color Tagging

Tag your tasks and projects with colors


Seamless importing and exporting

Cloud Based SaaS

Update task status anywhere on any device.

Repeating Tasks

Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly repeating events

Deadlines and Due

Dates Get notified about missed deadlines

Issue Tracking Numbers

Reference items by unique number, used in issue tracking

Selective Sharing Permissions

Share with specific team members, choose who can modify or complete tasks

How does it work?

1. Create Task
2. Prioritize Tasks
3. Task Assignment
4. Collaboration
5. Progress Tracking
6. Set up Filters
7. Visualise your tasks