Ticket Managment

What does a Ticketing System do?

Kelsa Ticket Management software helps companies stay connected to its customers and streamline processes.

Managing a large number of tickets can be hard and tedious, a smart ticket management system does just that. It consolidates tickets from various sources, integrates multiple communication channels and classifies them into categories of priority so that agents can strategize and work accordingly.

1. Integrate with other business tools
2. Connected desktop application
3. Automated call capture
4. Advanced telephony integrations
5. Inbound & Outbound Calls with IVR Integration
6. Call notes
7. Call scripts
8. Call reports
9. Detailed customer history
10. Call distribution
11. Ticket Prioritization
12. Missed call and voicemail tracking:
13. Escalations and Alerts
14. Bulk Actions
15. Reports