Risk exists everywhere - right from a quick drive back home safe evading traffic to running a business. Businesses run chances of risks since it involves multiple parties. It is a complex web of network indeed. Prevention is better than cure. So how are we to forecast or determine a risk amidst the fog? How do we organize them under a single umbrella so as to have it resolved? In short, how do we get a holistic view of the potential risks involved in running a business?

Interactive Dashboards and Reports

Provide real-time visibility into the state of risk management process to all levels of the organization.

Automated Risk Management system

Automated notification features to alert users and managers during ERM tasks, risk treatments, and controls, thereby incorporating a user-friendly risk management system.


Key Metrics Monitoring – Risk Management tools

Measure and track key indicators for risks - (KRIs), controls (KCIs), and performance (KPIs). Set thresholds to identify potential threats and mitigate them in advance. Send alerts and notifications on any breach to relevant personnel for faster decision-making.

Risk Assessment and Analysis – Issue tracking Software

Access advanced tools for planning, scheduling, and performing risk assessments. Route the results for review and approval. Assess the overall control environment based on multiple factors.

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