candidate sourcing to hiring

Sherlocks find their Watsons a little lesser than fortnights - Bridging hiring processes to help firms recruit easy. Encapsulating the entire recruitment stages - Kelsa help provide services ranging from candidate sourcing to hiring.

Candidate sourcing

Source suitable candidates based on your precise profile based requirements from various platforms. Streamline faster source, search and match through automated workflow system.

Customizable pipeline

Optimize your recruitment process by dividing it into pipeline stages. Follow the ready to use pipeline or customize it to suit your hiring requirements. Track candidates across stages. Add, modify or delete pipeline stages to match your recruitment process.
Automatically assign tasks to your team when a candidate moves to a stage.
Trigger automated emails and text messages to engage candidates.


Candidate management

All the information about the candidate is presented in a structured format in KELSA. The profiles are comprehensive as they are in a simple, easy to understand format. Contact details, Educational qualifications, Work experience, Resume and other documents

Interview management

Schedule interviews seamlessly in few clicks - Add time slots for the interview and eliminate the need for back and forth phone calls for interview confirmations.

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