Real estate is inexorably rising to its supreme prominence. Witnessing a tremendous growth paralleled by its ever-widening chain of networks, technology cannot be surpassed colloquially. Conjoin an integral business space with Kelsa’s Real estate Management system.

Sales Lead Management

Sales and Bookings Management - Lead to booking conversion, booking stages with value, Properties & Project management, Agreements & Documents, Brokers & Commission, Client management, Bookings & Payments, Sales Forecasting & Probabilities, Sales Funnel & Online automation for sales.

Acquisition Procedure Management

  • Lead tracking
  • Survey & Appraisals
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Legal Compliance
  • Land Management applications
  • Property Management system

Marketing Campaign Management

  • Both Online & Offline operations
  • Assign Lead source to Sales
  • Track engagements and Sales cycle
  • Analyze and report effective leads
  • Chalk future business plans & schemes

Site Agent/ Site Visit Management

  • Daily calendar
  • Schedule site visit
  • Geo-fencing function
  • Kelsa mobile app
  • Automated SMS and emails
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