Education on Kelsa ERP Why?

“The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future” opined the Athenian think-tank, Plato. Kelsa - incorporating Plato’s essence into workflow software solution wanting to help further the interests of educational service providers. We envision empowering the Education spectrum with a holistic workspace, sharing the onus on nurturing minds through smart business solutions.

Onboarding – Student Admission Management System

Enabling you to present a complete set of online forms, combined with electronic-signature functionality, and generate electronic documents automatically stored in your student management system.

Data Management process

Kelsa consolidates the entire data management process under a centralized platform that encompass - KYC Documents, Birth Certificates, Transfer Certificates, Family details, Residency details, Insurance and Health-related forms, etc. Kelsa brings these forms into an automated digital process.

Mobile Dashboard

Automated Workflow Software

Conduce cost-effectiveness by automating your entire student management system – determine pain points to enhance student retention, thereby integrating students into the school environment. Criteria - based configurable system, mobile enablement and automated processes - proliferate your student enrollment volume.

Reporting & Analytics

  • Scrutinize tailored reports like the KPI’s and visually represented data like graphs and charts - access and review meticulous student details basing individual progress analysis.
  • Administration shall determine pain points pertinent to the onboarding process and chalk process improvements, including staff training.
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