Understanding the vitality Customer management system plays in a business, Kelsa acts as a holistic workspace, centralizing your entire CRM system networks involved. Analyze data using advanced yet user – friendly tools that are accessible with just clicks away.

Pipeline Management

Helps Sales team to prioritize, forecast, focus & win high probable sales opportunities. Collect data and track customer behavior for smart business solutions.


Kelsa’s CRM Automation tool allows you to assign role based access and fix tasks to be done automatically with time-based deadlines.

Mobile Dashboard


Every organization must strike the right balance between protecting their customers' data and giving employees the freedom to get their work done. KELSA stands as the best CRM software meeting both requirements by protecting your data using a Cloud-based data storage system.

Multichannel Communication

Connect in real-time with customers and prospects, across all channels i.e. email, tele calls, Text messages, automated e-mailers, etc. Get notified of pending tasks to be done and stay alarmed using task updates.

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