We are participating in the Construction spectrum in a bid to share the onus on your management and task-oriented efficacies.

Snag Management

Stay embedded with your product/service status that helps fix Snags, keeping regular updates on them. Managing snags and having them seen fixed is no longer a menace with Kelsa providing customized slots and tabs for tasks like Snag inputs through on-site photographs, notifying architects, engineers, subcontractors, and other employees and monitoring them with due dates. Unlike tedious manual work modes using Excel sheets, Kelsa trickles Snag management using just mouse clicks.

Land proposal & Slot booking management

Mobile Dashboard

Multiple players of all kinds involved - Land proposal and Slot booking management do harbor challenges. Thus, a centralized work pool protected by a Cloud-based storage system is offered to protect data and track linear & non-linear networks, having account of verified protocols and standards each deal goes through.

Collaboration & Customization

Collaborate easily with automated grunt works. Owing much to being user-friendly, Kelsa allows Customization in accordance with your requirements. Create your desired layout and customize templates. Knit knot with Kelsa to have your workflow run lucid.

Data security

Store and have your data protected using a Cloud-based data security system. Right from your client data to other documents involving proposals, invoices, clearance documents, etc.

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