Holistic Workflow Management

Connected Worker Safety - efficient Workforce execution during hazard and emergency by maintaining a structured rescue plan involving the required members through role-based access system.

Time Sheet - deliver accurate workforce payments and enhance employee participation with the help of time-sheet capabilities.

Shift Planning - optimize shift planning by forecasting personnel expenditures and scheduling employee activities.

Workforce Analytics - improve business decisions using entrusted intelligence features.

Worker Onboarding & Offboarding - orient or onboard new workers, and manage performance.

Engineering- Control design and engineering based validations

Author and Publish Visualization - access, visualize, author, and publish 3D CAD data without specialized licenses or knowledge.

Integrated Product Development - accelerate product ideation and development with real-time tools that integrate the design process.

Visualization, Generation and Integration - Convert 3D CAD files into neutral files with visually generated content with integrated business data.

Model-Based Enterprise - extend the digital product definition outside of design engineering into the hands of the extended enterprise.

Product Development Foundation - accelerate ideation and design as a product development foundation.

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Portfolio & Project Management Software

Management Reporting - support financial and operational decision-making with software analytics.

Profitability - Modeling & Optimization - improves profitability and cost management by finding real costs of products, customers, and channels.

Strategy Development & Translation - maximize performance by aligning your organization with key objectives and initiatives

Portfolio Management - align portfolios with strategy while analyzing risk and performance in real-time

Project Management - Plan, execute, and monitor content development projects in real-time to minimize deviations in cost and release

Revenue Management

Authorization for Expenditure - manage authorization for expenditure and assets from inception through abandonment

Revenue Accounting for Oil and Gas - determine revenue accounting quantities and values including individual ownership

Joint Ventures - increase visibility into joint ventures and production-sharing contracts

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Business Project Management

Shutdown, Turnaround, and Outages – optimize shutdown, turnaround, and outages operations for transparency in oil and gas costs and milestones.

Travel Management-Integrate all travel and expense data from request to reimbursement, managing employee travel spend all in one cloud-based system.

Project Controlling and Accounting-Understand and optimize project and engagement profitability.

Sustainability Reporting and Performance Management - disclose sustainability performance with confidence to internal and external stakeholders.

Project Planning and Execution & Monitoring - streamline on-time, accurate project planning, and execution and monitoring.

Predictive Modeling - create high-performance predictive modeling by automating or choosing algorithms including your own.

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