Auditing plays a vital part of any business. Financial statements have to be maintained clean so as to run your business devoid of any mishaps. Manual work modes using pen and paper or software like Tally prove tedious to handle a heap of data.

Plan audit processes

Fix deadlines and allocate departments under the auditor’s panorama. Compile and store data, fixing access Role-based & track audit report with Kelsa's audit management and tracking system.


Enables the authorized user to publish Audit Schedule to the Auditor and the Auditee - The Auditor can view the analytics of assigned task in the dashboard.

Mobile Dashboard

Manage ISO standards Automated

Meet and exceed all audit management process, auditing, and corrective/preventive action management requirements of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 19011 standards.

Advanced capabilities

Built-in remediation workflows, time tracking, email-based notifications, and alerts, risk assessment methodologies and offline audit process management software functionalities allow organizations to implement industry's best practices for efficient audit task management solution.

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